Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the New Jersey Lottery's Retailer Website?

  • The New Jersey Lottery's Retailer Website is a web-based application. Lottery retailers (Independent, Chain Head, and Chain Subordinate) can access Retailer Website over any internet connection to self register. Once registered, retailers can log in to the lottery jurisdiction home page to access the following features:

    • Manage Account - change password, password hint questions, and personal information.
    • Reports - view or download invoice, instant inventory and sales reports.
    • Documents and Forms - access to view or download lottery documents and forms to allow retailers the ability to troubleshoot problems before placing a call to the lottery.
    • Add and Maintain Secondary Users - the primary user of the Retailer Website retailer account can add users to their account for access to Retailer Website information. Primary users have the ability to enable or disable access and to reset a forgotten password.
    • FAQ / Contact Us - Lottery can provide answers to frequently asked questions and lottery contact information.

2. What is the Registration Process?

  • Retailer Website registration is a multi-step process. The retailer shall be required to transition through each step. The steps include:

  • 1) Accepting Terms and Conditions for usage of the Retailer Website site.
  • 2) Security Code entry - to prevent robotic attacks of the registration process with the site, called A
  • 3) Initial Retailer Verification - verifying the retailer ID exists for the lottery jurisdiction selected and an
  • account does not already exist
  • 4) Retailer Identification - requires entry of information to validate the retailer's identification with the
  • Lottery jurisdiction selected.
  • 5) Security Information - entry of password, password hint question and answer and security graphic
  • image.
  • 6) Verification of retailer identity with lottery jurisdiction ES Retailer Management (ESRM) location
  • record.

  • In order to verify the authenticity of the retailer's association with the lottery jurisdiction, Retailer Website shall verify that the retailer ID entered is valid and active with the lottery jurisdiction selected. Retailer access to Retailer Website retailer account shall be based on the current status of the retailer location record.

3. How do I log in?

  • The New Jersey Lottery's Retailer Website allows all users to login under the following scenarios:

    • The user enters required valid username and password and successfully logs into the system.
    • The user enters a required valid username and a temporary password, prior to completing the log on process the user will be required to replace the temporary password with a new password while logging on. This process is initiated because of successful auto reset of password via the Forget Password function or by a Northstar Administrator initiating a password reset.

  • Upon entry of the username, the system the shall display the graphic image and image name the user created during their registration process prior to the user entering their account password

4. What if I Forget My Password?

  • The Forgot Password feature facilitates the independent reset of a password by the user. This process protects the user's security in two ways:

  • 1) Ensures the identity of the user by using the password hint question
    2) Requires the user to access a protected email account to retrieve the new temporary password.

  • The user is required to create a new password immediately when they log in with the temporary password. Users who have forgotten their username will be instructed to contact their help desk administrator for assistance.

  • Upon selection of the Forgot Password function, the following steps occur:

  • Username is entered. The system verifies the following:

    • The user's account has been authenticated. The system will display a message to users who have not completed the authentication step instructing them to retrieve the email sent to them as part of their registration or to contact their Northstar Administrator for assistance.
    • Username is valid and is not suspended. If the user's current log in rights are suspended, they will receive a message to contact their help desk administrator for assistance.
    • User is presented with the number of password hint questions they must answer to reset their password.
    • Password hint answers are submitted and the system verifies answers are correct.

  • An email is sent to the email address listed with the user's account. The email contains the temporary password and instructs the user to change their password after logging in with the temporary password.